About me

Hello, hallo, bonjour, salam! My name is Issa and I'm glad that you joined me on my page

At the age of 8 I took my first piano lessons in France and quickly realised that this was love at first sight.

Between the age of 15 and 24, I played in several bands and learned that the piano doesn't necessarily have to be a solo instrument. Therefore the decision to study musicology wasn't hard to make, but seemed rather like the next logical step.

During my studies I started working as a breakdance teacher and A&R-manager at an internationally operating music software company.

I partnered up with several audio engineers on different projects and was fascinated by their input. This is how I discovered my passion for the technical side of song production, especially the mixing process.

To envision someone's creative, musical or sonical idea, is what I truly strive for and what brings me joy.

That is roughly the journey of me and my love for the art forms of music and dance. And here we are, so I hope to see you soon on our next common project <3

About me, Issamuzik

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